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    November 3, 2015
    How To Save Leaves

    When I was little, I loved saving pretty Fall leaves and using them in crafts. Of course, they only last so long before they dry up and turn brown. However, this genius tutorial by Kelly at Little Wonders Days shows how you can make leaves last for at least another season (maybe even longer). Now, you can display your leaves, use them in art, or even use them as décor (maybe for a wedding?) without worrying about them lasting. Check it out here:

    We mixed one bottle of glycerin (found in the pharmacy department) with two parts water.  We made a fresh cut in the leaf stem and then soaked them in the solution for 3 days. They are just as beautiful and soft as the day the kids collected them.

    Photo Credit: Oregon DoT 

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    February 24, 2010
    Wordless Wednesday – Some Beach…Somewhere!

    Photo by jakesmome via Flickr Creative Commons.

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    September 10, 2007
    Attention All Scrapbookers!

    Scrapbooking has totally taken on a new meaning since the days of cropping photos and weekends away to work on albums. Digital scrapbooking has become a huge phenomenon due to technology and the creative ways to send, develop and make photo arrangements. Well, now here’s one more tool that every scrapbooker can add to their resource list: the Flektor multimedia suite.

    Laura, from Laura Williams Musings, got some of her scrapbook pages together and tried Flektor out. Here is what she had to say on the Flektor blog:

    "Being that I have never created a slideshow before, I was a little
    hesitant at first, but I’m thrilled at how easy it was to put together."

    Here is the slide show she created……


    Not only is Laura using her creative skills by featuring cute pictures of her kids on custom designed scrapbook pages, but Laura has proven that this is just another tool to bring out the artistic prowess in all of us.

    By Kristen Munson

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