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    April 14, 2014
    Easter Egg Hunt…. In the Dark?

    As a kid, egg hunts are the best part of Easter! They’re most likely to never get sick of them, but there are ways you can amp up the fun. Check out this idea from juleed at WarmHotChocolate– a glow in the dark easter egg hunt! Use large plastic eggs, fill them with treats, and a glow stick! Then hide them (at night)! You could also try it indoors with most of the lights off. The kids will have a blast! Here are some tips from the original post:

    -I recommend using all large eggs or purchasing mini glow sticks.

    -The solid color eggs were better at giving off a “glow” in the landscape that the transparent eggs.

    -Since you have to “turn on” the glow sticks, there isn’t a lot of opportunity to prep this activity in advance. It takes about an hour to hide them, so plan accordingly!

    Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan 

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    March 31, 2014
    Fun and Harmless April Fool’s Pranks

    Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day! You can help get your kids in on the spirit of the holiday by playing a few fun pranks on them (or they can help you prank other people)! It’s important to know how your kid will react to them, and to not do anything mean-spirited (like telling them you’re getting a divorce or some other joke in poor taste). Use your best judgment! However, these playful prank ideas by Laura at PlayDrHutch are fun for the whole family:

    -When you wake up your child have a concerned look on your face and ask them why their face is blue/green/purple-with-polka dots (you choose, have fun!).  Tell them to hurry and go look in the mirror.  Then say, “April Fools”!

    -If April 1 happens to fall on a weekend or spring break, tell them they have school that day, and wake them up. Be sure to tell them you’re joking and take them somewhere fun instead!

    Frozen cereal (just pour the cereal and milk the night before and put it in the freezer!)  The look on the kids face when they try to put the spoon in is priceless!

    -Tell them that someone “Poohed” in their bed. When they go to look, they will find a giant Winnie the Pooh plushie on the covers!

    Photo Credit: ganeshaisis 

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    March 17, 2014
    St. Patrick’s Day Motherload

    When you’re an adult, Saint Patrick’s Day becomes a lot less fun (unless the bar scene is your thing- then it can be a blast!) If you don’t drink or just prefer to spend evenings quietly at home, Saint Patrick’s Day will probably pass by without you even noticing. But, when you’re a kid, it can be magical! You get to wear green, tell stories about leprechauns, learn interesting legends, and often get candy! There are tons of St. Patrick’s Day activities and crafts out there that kids will love. This post by Kimberly at A Night Owl blog has a list of tons of things to do with your kids to make St. Patty’s Day a little more fun. Here are a few I really liked:

    St. Patrick’s Day Pancakes {Thoughtfully Simple}

    Shamrock Cake Pops {Bakerella}

    Celtic Pattern Tablecloth {BHG}

    St. Patrick’s Bow Wreath {Babs Made It}

    Clover Mantel Decoration {BHG}

    Just Plain Lucky T-Shirts {Alexandra Hedin}

    Marshmallow Rainbow {No Time for Flash Cards}

    Photo Credit: Irish Fireside 

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    February 3, 2014
    The Cabin Fever Cure

    Most of the U.S. is experiencing much colder temperatures than normal, and where I live, we’ve had snow days pretty much every day. The kids love it, but after a while, the excitement fades and boredom sets in. So how do you keep the little ones entertained when you have to be shut up indoors all day? Well, if it’s not too cold, you can go outside and enjoy the snow (for short times and in proper clothing!). If you’re stuck inside, these ideas by Creative Connections for Kids might help you out:

    Camp inside

    Go to your local library’s story time or check out some books

    Have an indoor picnic

    Have a bird feeder and track the different colors of bird that visit it

    Make hot chocolate and bake cookies

    Play board games

    Play with boxes or build a fort

    Photo Credit: Tony Fischer 

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    January 30, 2014
    Making Their Birthday Extra Special

    You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy technological toys, or drop money on pizza palace birthday parties for your kid to have an extra special day. A kid’s birthday is one of the most magical days of the year– because it’s all about him. You can let your kid know that he is at the center of the universe in lots of ways that don’t break the bank (or go to his head). Check out these ideas by Allison at The House of Hendrix:

    -Build excitement with a COUNTDOWN

    -Decorate the bathroom mirror

    -Window marker your car

    -Decorate their room while they’re asleep

    -Allow your child to pick dinner for everyone

    Photo Credit: Will Clayton

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    January 2, 2014
    What are Your Kids’ New Years Resolutions?

    If you have older kids, writing down resolutions for the New Year is a fun family activity. Sometimes though, kids can struggle with writing or setting specific goals. They just need a little help! If they don’t know where to start, there are ways for you to guide them. Check out this article by Alissa on Fun Finds For Families. There are plenty of points regarding age appropriate resolutions, as well as how to help your kids achieve what they set out to do:

    Do some brainstorming. Grab a poster board and colorful markers. On the board, talk about some resolutions your child may want to make.

    Review the list. Now go through the list and start reviewing the suggestions. Does your child want to study harder? Get better at playing piano? Stop biting their fingernails? Take a look at their resolutions and have them number their top priorities from 1-3. While making a bunch of resolutions is great, keeping the list small is more realistic and helps them succeed at it.

    Photo Credit: Lori Ann 

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    January 1, 2014
    Happy New Year!

    Pop a balloon every hour to count down to New Years!

    Photo from Buzzfeed 

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    December 24, 2013
    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays to you and everyone you love!

    Photo Credit: Bruno Deregge 

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    December 19, 2013
    The Santa Talk

    This post is for parents only! As your child starts to get older, some questions will probably start to come up about the existence of certain holiday spirit. Now, there are many different ways to handle this talk. Obviously, they can’t go on believing in Santa forever, but how old is too old? When is the right time? Well, that depends on your child. There are also a ton of ways to handle the conversation. Zina at Let’s Lasso the Moon has a terrific guide on when- and how- to approach the Santa Talk:

    If you’re dealing with a really young child, the best approach is to turn the question back on them, and simply ask,What do YOU think?” You can tell how much a little one wants to talk about the topic by how easily you can redirect their attention.

    If that’s not going to cut it, try saying something along the lines of:

    Oh, honey. I’m so PROUD of you. You figured it out — the magic of Christmas. I knew you could do it. This is so exciting! Now YOU get to be part of creating all the secret magic for your little brother.”

    The tone of this happy and honest response will likely take your child by surprise.” It quickly flips their disappointment with you or the situation as a whole on its head and channels the funny feeling in their stomach into a moment of recognition for the celebrated milestone that just occurred. 

    Photo Credit: Recon Cycles 

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    December 17, 2013
    Avoiding Holiday Stress with Family

    Holidays are supposed to be a fun time. You get to start new traditions with your family, make great memories with your kids, and get a few days off from work. It’s a time of pretty decorations, delicious food, Christmas cookies, and gift giving (and receiving!). But, it’s also extremely stressful– especially since you’re most likely going to be the one DOING all the cooking, cleaning, decorating, and shopping. Not to mention getting kids ready to go traveling. But, if you follow this advice from Jessie at the Jessie Jo at Home blog, it can go a lot easier and give you time to actually enjoy the season:

    Plan Ahead. We all know that the holidays come at the same time every year, so why are we rushed and stressed when they do come? Start planning your holiday get togethers early. 

     Stick To Your Budget. Before the holidays even get close, write up your budget of how much you can/want to spend this year on the holidays. Don’t forget to figure in traveling expenses, decorations, food while traveling, and so on

    Lower Your Expectations. I feel like so many times moms get stressed out and disappointed with certain situations because they have a picture perfect scenario in their head. 

    Photo Credit: Evil Erin 

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