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    March 22, 2016
    What Should Dad Bring To The Hospital?

    6290752139_d7524cd162_zI’ve seen countless articles, posts, and Pinterest tips about what pregnant women should pack in their hospital bags- but never anything about the dads. That is, until I found this article by Krista at While He Was Napping! Check it out for a great list on what Dad can bring to the hospital to make himself, Mom, and Baby more comfortable. It has a full list of hospital essentials (pillows, shirts, comfy pants, snacks, etc), but here are a few super useful out-of-the-box things I’d never think of:

    -Extra towels from home- if he wants to take a shower, he’ll need one! It’s also just a good idea to have extra towels. You never know if a hospital is going to be generous or stingy with them.

    -Swim trunks- if he wants to shower or help you shower, but isn’t keen on doctors/nurses potentially walking in on him.

    -A laptop, tablet, or something else to do- sometimes labor can be a LONG process

    -A list of important contact numbers- grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends- everyone who needs to know about the baby!

    Photo Credit: Family O’Abe 

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    June 18, 2015
    Father’s Day Ideas

    This Sunday is Father’s Day! It kind of snuck up on me this year, even though it’s usually on the same day as my dad’s birthday. Since I’m an adult, I try to do something nice for him- take him out to lunch, or maybe a movie. Get him a card, or a gift card. I wish I could make him something like I used to do when I was little, but I don’t think he’d appreciate a crochet purse or homemade soaps. Oh well. I think he just enjoys spending time together as a family and a good meal. Anyway, if you’re looking for some last minute, yet still heartfelt gift ideas, look no further than this post by My Frugal Adventures. Bonus- not all of them are too kiddie, so teenagers could make them as well:

    Father’s Day Gift Basket Idea with Free Printable

     DIY Beer Coasters

     DIY Hamburger Seasoning

    Dad Rocks Paperweight Craft

    Photo Idea Card

    Photo Credit: Easa Shamih 

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    June 16, 2015
    Hospital Bag For Dad

    There are tons and tons of blog posts out there advising new moms on what they will need to bring to the hospital for the birth. Some of it is definitely necessary (clothes, toiletries, baby stuff, creature comforts), and some of it…not so much. But, Mom is most likely going to be taken care of by the hospital staff, Dad, and other family members and friends throughout her stay. Yes, she needs her stuff, and yes, the stay is all about her and the baby. However, what about the person that’s also going to be staying at the hospital for a week? That’s right- Dad. Check out this post by Babble for a handy list of what Dad should pack in his hospital bag. It’s pretty helpful and has things I would have never thought of, including a watch with a second hand- so you can pinpoint the exact time of birth. Pretty cool!

    Photo Credit: Cherie Joyful

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    April 3, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Are There Seriously Not Changing Stations In Men’s Restrooms?

    Seriously? Why is this a thing? Has no one realized that Dads exist and sometimes need to change diapers? What year is this?

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    November 10, 2014
    Baby And Daddy Bonding

    As a mother, you carry your child for nine months. For a while, they are a part of you. They know your voice, and respond to your touch. If you breastfeed, you are also their primary (if not only) feeder. With all the connection that babies and their moms have, it can be hard for dads to compete. However, there is a way for dads to get a better bond with their newborns: talk more. Check out this post by JJ at the Belly Itch Blog:

    The report also discovered that mothers responded 88% to 94% of the time to the babies vocalizations, while dads responded only 27% to 33% of the time.

    But you dads can change all that, the study suggest, by simply talking to your babies more and perhaps doing so in a higher pitched sing song-y way that moms do and pairing your talking with eye contacts as moms tend to do.

    Photo Credit: Richard Leeming 

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    October 28, 2014
    Married Couple Bucket List

    In a few days, I’m going on a mini vacation with my boyfriend of four years. We’re going to the mountains to hike and see the fall leaves to celebrate our anniversary. Even though we’ve been dating for such a long time, and have made plenty of great memories, we’ve never actually gone on vacation before together. It’ll be a nice break from work and other hectic things, and I know we both need it. Plus, it’s my firm belief that all couples, married or not, should constantly be working on their relationship by spending time together and having new experiences. Plus, if you’ve been married for a few years and have children- you have to work especially hard to make time for each other. If you are looking for some romantic ideas to share with your spouse, just read this post by Darlene Schacht at Time Warp Wife:

    -Stargazing in the middle of the night

    -Going on a long road trip


    -Exchanging love letters

    -Planting a garden or a tree together

    -Dreaming about the future

    Photo Credit: Natesh Ramasamy

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    October 24, 2014
    Friday Fun Video: Dad “Fixing” Daughter’s Hair

    To be honest….the end result is actually really cute :)

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    October 3, 2014
    Friday Fun Video: Bringin’ Out The Big Guns

    There are just no words for how cute this is!

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    June 19, 2014
    Breast Feeding Jobs For Dad

    I know what you’re thinking– something along the lines of, “Ummmm, whaaaat?” I’m not a fan of gender roles, but typically, moms are the ones who breast feed. But it’s a tough job! And it’s a lot easier if she has something else to help out. There are plenty of ways for Dad to get involved with the process. After all, it’s extremely valuable bonding time between Mom and Baby as well. Check out this post by Laura K. at Mams Say What for some great ideas:

    Learn about breastfeeding.Read a breastfeeding book or better yet, go with your wife to a breastfeeding class. 

    Know where each of her breastfeeding tools are and be ready to bring them to her at a moment’s notice. This includes items such as nursing pillows, nipple cream, gel packs from the freezer, burp cloths, etc.

    Prepare the breast pump. Pumping milk is probably the least desirable aspect of breastfeeding. 

     Provide some entertainment to keep her sane. 

    Photo Credit: Karen Sheets de Garcia 

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    May 27, 2014
    What Happens When Mom Always Says Yes? An Experiment

    Everyone knows you can’t say yes to your child about everything. You don’t want him or her to become a spoiled brat, plus they often want things that aren’t good for them (like candy 24/7) or that are unrealistic (I want to live in Disney World!). Or so you’d think. But, sometimes parents get caught up in the automatic “No’s” all day that they don’t stop and listen to what their child is actually asking. Sometimes, what makes a child happiest is nothing more than a simple request: more time with Mom and Dad. Kim Sorgius at Not Consumed decided to see what would happen if she said nothing but “yes” to everything her kids asked for a day. It sounds like that could be disastrous, but her results were surprising and more than a little heartwarming:

    I had envisioned this day to be one filled with bossy kids on a sugar high. I assumed I’d find myself annoyed at filling their requests, but instead I found myself totally blessed.

    The night would end in a tickle fest and stargazing on the back porch way past bedtime.

    The day came and went with no electronics, no fighting, and no sad faces. But there was certainly no lack of giggles and laughter. Hugs and smiles. Talking, playing, and memories.

    You absolutely have to read the entire post. I admit it made me tear up a bit. The comments were inspiring as well.

    Photo Credit: Abhi Ryan 

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