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    March 12, 2012
    Painting Rainbows with a Sponge

    Allowing children to paint is a wonderfully creative experience you can give them.  It’s also an incredibly brave thing for a parent or guardian to undertake!  The mess!  The wet!  Did I already say The mess!  Now add in a lot of colors and a sponge and you’ve really got something wonderful brewing.

    Somewhere over the rainbow, maybe your experience can be just as magical as shown in Sponge Art: Paint a Rainbow,

    While this is a kid-friendly idea, a lot of the prep needs to be done by an adult, or older child. And prep needs to be redone during the activity as well. I kind of felt like an artist getting this ready. My pallete [a pizza pan] of paint in rainbow colors! Simply swipe each color, in the order of the rainbow, onto a sponge. I said the colors as I was doing this to teach Henry the order of the colors in a rainbow. [I had to reapply the colors onto the sponge multiple times.]

    This is so cute!  A lot of work, but CUTE!

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