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    January 31, 2012
    Pin vs. Reality

    I am the newest stalker over at  I love that dang site, particularly the humor pages.  The funniest one of the day said, “Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken.”  Yes.

    However real life is not perfectly folded clothes, adorable cupcakes that look like high heels, and perfectly coiffed hair.  Jill Smokler over at Scary Mommy shows some real life v. pinterest photos that you can’t miss!  For example,

    Pinterest Playroom

    Real Life Playroom

    Haha! THANK YOU, Jill, for reassuring all of us!

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    January 30, 2012
    Healthy Eating: Hope it Sticks

    I fed my own young ‘uns all kinds of healthy food.  Raw veggies, apples, bananas, wheat bread, nonsweetened cereal.  But I also served food that wouldn’t necessarily be approved by a nutritionist like chips and cookies.  I regret doing that now because the healthy eating habits did not stick, at least for one child.  However for other young families, it’s not too late!

    From Serving Pink Lemonade, a list of 77 healthy snacks is provided. Here are a sampling ofgreat suggestions!

    6. String cheese
    7. Roasted pumpkin seeds or squash seeds ( I love this recipe.)
    8. Applesauce
    9. Frozen grapes (These are super popular in the summer at our house. It allows you to stock up when grapes are on sale without them going bad before they can get eaten.)
    10. Almonds
    11. Craisins
    12. Olives

    I think I’ll add them to my healthier diet!

    Photo by Magic Madzik.

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    January 26, 2012
    Great Storage Idea for Kids Room

    When my kids were little, we used the nets hanging from the ceiling to pile in the stuffed animals.  However THIS idea is so much better. It’s creative, beautiful, and FUN for kids.  Way to go bloesem kids,


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    January 23, 2012
    Life’s Precious Moments

    I got to hold a three-month old baby girl today – she was so tiny it seemed more like she was a month old.  She smiled at me and at another colleague.  Her eyes look just like her Momma’s eyes.  It was wonderful.

    Then I saw a whimsical piece of writing on Beauty and Dreams titled, “Little Girl, Fluffy Hair.”  It’s beautiful, it’s sad, it’s heart breaking.

    I know it’s wrong. Maybe she’s ill. Maybe somewhere in her icy, little heart she loves her. I should have compassion, reserve judgement..

    But I wanted to climb in her lap

    and slap that




    Little girl, fluffy hair

    Round cheeks and


    and sad brown eyes…

    If I had all the right words, I would write

    a poem for you, a real one.

    Photo by Adaggio Art.

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    January 20, 2012
    Coolest Pregnancy Photo Ever

    This is a nice little post from a couple of years ago, but I just saw it on pinterest and had to share it here!  Is this not THE coolest pregnancy photo ever?  How I wish I’d done it with my daughters.

    This little baby is such a blessing to us already during an incredibly dark time in our lives.  And God does not call us to live in fear.  Will you pray for us as we take this next step forward?  It is probably silly for me to even ask because I know you have been so faithful to pray for us already.

    Go on over to the macs site and read about their latest addition AND Cora’s story.

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    January 19, 2012
    You Can Be a Mentor

    As a seasoned real estate agent, I mentored several new agents when they first started out.  I loved being able to extend a helping hand as people figured it out and got their feet wet.  I also served as a mentor to at least three dozen girls as a Girl Scout leader.  Mentoring can be extremely fulfilling, frustrating, joyful, and worrisome.

    But when you mentor, it’s not just for you.  It’s for a child who needs encouragement. For a teenager who needs an extra lift every now and then.  For someone like Angie got,

    Megan was not exactly what I expected.

    I expected to walk in and see a teenager flip me off. 

    When I picked her up, she immediately divulged how excited she was, how she’d been thinking of it all day.  She was beaming.

    I expected a teenager who spoke in code, grunts and only on the subject of hairspray.

    We went to a coffee shop and she talked so fast my ears bled.  At one point, she interrupted herself to tell me how nervous she was.  Then she laid out all her “issues” for me like an open book.

    Such a sweet story, this one. Consider becoming a mentor.

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    January 17, 2012
    When One Is Good and One is Bad

    Guilty.  I’ve compared the behavior of my kids in the past.  But I’ll tell you a little secret.  Sometimes the kid you might imagine as the good kid goes bad. And the bad one goes good.  It’s a cyclical thing, the behavior dance.

    Amber, author of Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, reminded me of my own shortcomings when I compare my kids to each other,

    It is wrong to compare your kids and stuff. You know what I mean. Saying “little Johnny is a being good but little Timmy is being bad today” type comparing. I never make this mistake. In fact, I have never even thought this.

    But that is because my kids’ names aren’t Johnny and Timmy.

    Amber’s pizza and tooth brushing examples are hilarious. Be warned that there is some strong language, though!

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    January 13, 2012
    Friday Fun Video: Sweet Dreams

    This is too cute!

    YouTube Preview Image

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    January 12, 2012
    Scary Toys for Kids AND Adults

    While my idea of a scary toy is one colored with lead paint and/or having small, loose parts for kids to choke on.  However, this inflatable bear is not something Jeremiah Graves’ sweet dreams are made of.  From Blank Stares and Blank Pages,

    If you were able to look at that and not wet yourself, you are a much better, stronger, braver person than I am, my friend.

    My niece got this thing for Christmas and at first (read: when it was still flat and harmless) it seemed like a pretty innocuous child’s toy.

    Then we blew the sumbitch up.

    Hahaha… I think, however, the clapping monkey is pretty frightening.  Or the shave the baby doll toy.  You can see both of them here.

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    January 11, 2012
    Wordless Wednesday: Spiral

    Photo by Alan Reeves.

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