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    November 20, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Finals Soon? Never Skip Breakfast!

    Healthy breakfasts give your brain energy for the entire day!

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    November 19, 2015
    Keeping Babies Warm In Winter

    Everyone knows how important it is to keep infants and toddlers warm at night. With temperatures getting colder every day, the necessity is even greater. Babies like to toss and turn, so keeping them tucked in with only a blanket is often not enough. Some kids are Houdinis who can even wiggle out of their pajamas! Luckily, this post by Carrie at Carrie This Home is here to save the day. Check out these tips for keeping your little ones warm and toasty during those long winter nights:

    -One piece footie pajamas- hands down the best and most versatile way to keep babies and toddlers warm at night

    -Fleece blanket tucked in- for toddlers only

    -Wearable blankets- are a great option for babies/toddlers who move around a lot at night


    -Turn up the heat if it gets extra cold.

    Photo Credit: Brad Brundage 

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    November 18, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt Idea

    Photo + Shirt from Etsy

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    November 17, 2015
    How To Clean Mattress Stains

    It’s not a pretty subject, but if you’re a parent, you’ve been there. If you’re expecting, get ready. Every parent has had a mattress get peed on, and has had to clean it. It’s just a fact of life. But figuring out how to clean it (REALLY clean it) can be a bit of a head scratcher. After all, you can’t just throw an entire mattress into the washing machine. But you want to make sure it is stain free and sanitized. Well, this post by Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road is here to save the day! Here’s what you do to get urine stains out of a mattress:

     Saturate that mattress (or the stains at least) with vinegar. You can use a spray bottle or just gently drizzle it right on. Let the vinegar sit for 5-10 minutes.

    Using paper towels, soak up the vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress, and let sit for a few hours. Then vacuum! No more stain!

    Photo Credit: Emily May 

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    November 16, 2015
    Cold Prevention Tips

    It seems that everyone I know is sick. Everyone in my house, all my friends, everyone on Facebook. Everyone. Whether it’s just a bug going around, or it’s caused by the temperatures dropping every day, now is the time to protect yourself and your kids from cold season. Be sure to wash hands thoroughly and often, and eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of Vitamin C! For tips on keeping your home germ free, check out this post by Marina Gavrylyuk at Active Rain:

    -Make kitchens and bathrooms a priority when cleaning!

    -Be sure to not only sanitize counters and toilets, but also things that are touched often like doorknobs, cell phones, children’s toys, computer keyboards, and bedside tables.

    -Always use tissues when coughing or sneezing to keep airborne viruses/bacteria from spreading.

    Photo Credit: William Brawley

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    November 13, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: DIY Origami Pinwheel

    Fun, inexpensive indoor craft!

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    November 12, 2015
    Child Proofing Hacks

    When your baby starts walking, you have to ratchet up the “watchfulness” level to 100. They will be into every nook and cranny of your house, getting into dangerous things you didn’t even know you had. You can try to prevent this by installing locks on cabinets, and adding padding to sharp corners. But, that can get expensive quick! Check out this post by Rachel Miller at the Kids Activities Blog for clever ways to baby proof your home without going broke. (I had a friend who cut up dollar store pool noodles and then stuck them to the edges of her fireplace for padding!):

    -Decorate your socks with fabric paint to help them grip the floor. 

    -Now this idea is GENIUS!  Use innertubes around your bookshelves to help “fence” the books in place.  No more books tossed all about the room by your kiddo.

    -If you don’t have fancy locks for a cabinet, have no fear.  Go dig around in the cookie cutters, we bet one will fit.

    Photo Credit: eyeliam 

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    November 10, 2015
    Bringing Your Toddler Out To Eat

    About a month ago, my family and I went out for dinner for my birthday at a fairly nice place. Even though my nephew had been cranky the past week or so, we still brought him. And of course, he threw an absolute fit. The. Entire. Time. He’d settle down for about two minutes, enough for us to get a few bites in, before screaming his head off again. Nothing worked- not the crayons, not his toys, not even when the food arrived. Basically, for the whole meal, one of my family members was outside with him. I still enjoyed spending the time with my family, but it would have been nice to savor the food and not be constantly worried about the scene he was causing. And it would have been nice if everyone was present the whole time. Needless to say, he hasn’t been out to eat since. We’re waiting until he’s a bit older and can be taught basic table manners.

    And of course, toddlers just need patience and help. Not every day is going to be a complete meltdown day, and you just have to keep trying. If you are nervous about dining out with your toddler too, check out this post by Kristy at the Seven Graces Blog for tips:

    -Be prepared: bring snacks for them to munch on while waiting, crayons, paper, and other entertainment.

    -Keep the type of restaurant in mind- if it is a loud, family friendly place, you’re good to go, until they’re old enough to handle something a little fancier.

    -Practice going out to eat at home- so they know what behavior is expected of them!

    -Redirection games- if they start having a fit, do everything you can to distract them. Ask them to name the ABCs. Count to ten. They will often forget what they were upset over!

    Photo Credit: docmonstereyes 

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    November 9, 2015
    Toddlers and Toothbrushes

    My 1 ½ year old nephew is obsessed with brushing his teeth. Every night before bed, he follows his mom into the bathroom yelling “TEETH! TEETH!”, and he excitedly chews his little Cars toothbrush. While I’m not sure he quite grasps the concept yet, I like his enthusiasm. Not all toddlers are so easy to comply. To ensure that your kids are developing good, lifelong dental health habits, check out this post by Moumita Ghosh at Mom Junction for tips:

    -Let your toddler watch you (or even both parents!) brush their teeth along with him.

    -You can buy him fun looking colorful brushes. Think of his favorite cartoon character and get him a themed toothbrush.

    -Encourage your toddler to get involved in the brushing task. Ask him to put the paste, put away the brush and the paste and shower him with praise.

    Photo Credit: makelessnoise 

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    November 6, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Literary Baby Names

    Some baby names from literature and popular culture are very pretty! Just make sure you know where the name comes from before giving it to your child.

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